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Kinship of the Park Rapids Area provides opportunities.

Kinship of the Park Rapids Area can give your child/youth the opportunity to spend time with a positive adult friend for an hour or more per week for at least one year. They will participate in activities they both enjoy such as fishing, baking, hiking, biking or just hanging out. The emphasis is to spend time and not spend money.

The parent/guardian and child/youth will each complete a brief application for Kinship services. A staff person will contact you once your application is received. They will set up a time to visit with you and your child. This is an opportunity for Kinship staff to get to know you and your youth to insure the best possible match.

Your child/youth may be placed on a waiting list. In some instances it takes time to find the right mentor for your child. Unmatched kids are welcome to participate in Kinship group activities.

Our volunteers go through a thorough screening process which includes: application, 5-year driving record, national finger-print based FBI background check, 3 references, interview, orientation and on-going training and follow-up.

Once a match for your child/youth is found, you are given a summary of the potential volunteer(s). If it is felt this would be a good match for your child, a match visit will be scheduled for you and your child to meet the potential mentor, along with the Kinship staff. If you are comfortable with the person, the match is made and the first visit with your child/youth and their new mentor is set.

Kinship staff will provide ongoing support to the family and the mentor and will help with any situations that may arise.

Parent and child/youth commitment is important! The parent/guardian must agree to support the child in their match by having the child ready for the match get-togethers, be present when the child is picked up and brought home, and communicate with both the mentor and with Kinship staff. Your child/youth must be willing to accept this mentor as his/her new friend.

If you would like your child/youth to be a part of the Kinship program, fill out the application form.


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