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Steps to become a Kinship Mentor

Quick Steps to become a Kinship Mentor

  1. Inquire: Find out more about becoming a mentor by calling our office at (218) 732-0058 or email us.
  2. Apply: All prospective mentors are required to complete and sign a Mentor Application Packet. You’ll need to provide three references of people we can talk with about your ability to be a mentor. The application can be completed and emailed or printed and sent to our office by mail.
  3. Background check: Child safety is our top priority, so we’ll review your records to ensure you’ll be a good fit for our program. Everyone living in the household full-time over the age of 18 must complete the background investigation and exchange of information release form. These forms are included in the Mentor Application Packet. We will also check on your driving records and conduct a national background check. In addition, we check sex offender and child abuse registries.
  4. Interview: The interview is an opportunity for our staff and board to get to know you better, which helps us in the matching process. Making the right match is important to our commitment to form lasting relationships. It is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss the type of child you would like to mentor.
  5. Training: Once all the procedures are complete and you have been approved by the board as a mentor, our staff will arrnge a time with you for mentor training. During this one to two hour session, you will have an opportunity to visit with another mentor and ask them any questions you may still have.
  6. Matching: Our staff will contact you with information about children to consider mentoring. If you are interested in being placed with one of those children, the parent/guardian of the child is contacted. The parent/guardian has final approval of all prospective mentors. The initial introduction takes place in the child’s home with the mentor, child, parent/guardian and Kinship staff all present. You can make arrangements for your next get together at the conclusion of the meeting.
  7. We’ll support you: After the match is made, staff will have ongoing contact with you, the child and parent/guardian. All parties are encouraged to call the staff if any concerns arise during the course of the relationship. We also provide ongoing training opportunities for the volunteer mentor, optional monthly group activities for all mentors and their Kinship kids, and newsletters helping to keep you informed of pertinent opportunities.

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