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Admission Criteria

Kinship of the Park Rapids Area mentoring program is based on the premise that a friendship with a positive adult role model will enhance a child’s life.

The staff works to meet the needs of children primarily who are living with a single parent, guardian or grandparent by matching them with an adult volunteer. There are no restrictions of race, religion or national origin. Referrals will be accepted from a variety of sources such as parents, guardians, schools, local government agencies, counselors, churches, etc.

  1. The child/youth must be at least 6 and not more than 16 at the time of inquiry.
  2. The child/youth must live in the Park Rapids, Nevis, Osage or Menahga area.
  3. The child/youth desires to have a friend and to be a friend.  They must be willing to take part in the program and be capable of forming a meaningful relationship with an adult.  (A child/youth with acute developmental or behavioral disorders may be best served by another program).
  4. The parent/guardian:
    a) desires to have their child participate in the program,
    b) has a willingness to cooperate with the staff in all steps of the matching process
    c) is capable of supporting the child-volunteer relationship  and
    d) has a method of communicating with the mentor
  5. The parent/guardian is willing to give written approval and sign a waiver of legal liability for their child/youth to participate in Kinship.
  6. The child/youth and parent/guardian will commit and be available for consistent contact, with a one year minimum.
  7. A child who is party to pending court or human services action involving custody and/or out-of-home placement may not be acceptable until the custody/placement is resolved.
  8. If the child has access to positive role models, such as the significant other of a parent or guardian, or an aunt or uncle they see regularly, the child’s needs may be determined to be less than another child on the wait list who would be prioritized.

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