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Reading Buddy

What is a Reading Buddy?

Kinship Reading Buddies Application Packet

The purpose of Reading Buddies is for the volunteers and children to spend time reading together and cultivate the love of reading! The program is designed to create an enjoyable time, to help the children develop positive attitudes toward books and reading. While the teachers are the experts in teaching reading skills, Reading Buddies reinforce what the students have learned and affirm and encourage them in mastering the skill of reading.

Reading Buddies begins in October of each school year and runs through April.  Reading Buddies Volunteers are matched with first grade students who have parental/guardian permission to participate and have been referred by their teachers. The volunteers sign in at the schools office and meet their buddy at the classroom at a designated time. The Reading buddy and Student then go to the designated area*  and read together for 30 minutes. When reading time is over the Reading buddy will accompany the student back to the classroom.

Program Mission

Encourage children to experience the joy of reading by providing positive mentoring relationships that emphasize reading.

Program Summary

The program matches adults (21 years old and over) in the community with first grade students who need extra attention and/or practice listening/ reading. Program runs October through April of the school year.

Program guidelines

  • Reading Buddies must consent to Background Study. 
  • Reading Buddies must sign in at the schools office each visit 
  • Reading Buddies must meet with their child in the space provided by the school.
  • Reading Buddies may not bring food for the child to eat

For more information, contact the Kinship office at 218-732-0058

*designated area may change year to year

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