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Mentor Nationals Guide to Becoming a Better Mentor

Published on December 13, 2022

MENTOR’s Becoming a Better Mentor: Strategies to Be There for Young People is a free resource written by experts in the field to benefit any adult looking to support young people. Full of real-world advice and evidence-based strategies, it provides mentors with tangible strategies to “be there” for young people in their various life journeys and teaches them about the core skills, key principles, and critical practices of mentoring, such as:

  • mindsets and attitudes that lay the foundation for a strong mentoring relationship;
  • basic information about youth development and typical mentoring relationship cycles; and
  • critical skills and competencies to grow and refine to meet the needs of youth.

Click here for a free series of videos and information to help you along with your mentoring journey! https://www.mentormn.org/becoming-a-better-mentor-resource

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